Diverse / Kompilationer - OHOI! Promo CD 001, April 2004, CD Promo

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Diverse / Kompilationer - OHOI! Promo CD 001, April 2004

Label: Ohoi

Format: CD

Udgivet: 2004

Info: In the spring of 2002 OHOI! arose as an independent group of promoters from the Copenhagen-based "Rolando Posen" collective; a large coalition of DJ's, promoters, and producers who, since 1993, have been working with meny different aspects of electronic dance music.

OHOI! recently recieved the title "Danish UK Garage soundclash champions 2004", and is the leading force in Denmark when it comes to promoting, producing, and remixing the musical genres often described af "Urban"; a mix of UK Garage, Hip Hop, Dancehall, Bashment, and Drum'n'Bass.

Therefore, on this promotion CD, we present to you a handful of productions, specials, and remixes which proves that OHOI! and the musical underground in Denmark is alive and kicking.

OHOI! consists of: DJ 2000F, Tim Driver, Kristobal Cologne, DJ JSL


1. Ras Kwame & The Pioneers OHOI! intro

2. UFO & Yepha - Højere, hurtigere, dybere, bredere (DJ 2000F 4x4 DK Garage remix)

3. Zed Bias, Simba & MC Juiceman - Ring The Alarm OHOI! VIP Special

4. Sugardaddy vs. Pussytrack - Pussyclat (soundclash special)

5. UFO & Yepha - Hverdag (DJ JSL Diwali remix)

6. Orgi-E vs. Pharoahe Monch - Simon Siger

7. Sugardaddy & Don Wayne - Copenhagen Gals

8. U$O - I Går Var En Vild Nat (DJ JSL remix)

9. Karen vs. Wiley - Skatteøen (soundclash special)

10. Tubby T Big Up's

11. Yardie Maroon, Bob Farlig & DJ JSL - OHOI! OHOI! OHOI!

12. Suspekt - Kinky Fætter (DJ 2000F feat. Sugardaddy DK Garage remix)

13. Sugardaddy vs. 50 Cent - In Da Club (soundclash special)

14. Suspekt - Kinky Fætter (DJ JSL feat. Sugardaddy Airtight remix)

15. Janus - OHOI! Barbershop

16. U$O - I Går Var Det En Vild Nat (DJ 2000F & The Sharmann DK Garage remix)

17. Suspekt vs. Kællingerne - Last Kælling (DJ JSL bootleg/mashup)

18. UFO & Yepha - Højere, Hurtigere, Dybere, Bredere (DJ 2000F DK Breakbeat remix)

19. The Shermann - Giana Fisters (DJ 2000F edit)

20. General Levy Big Up's

21. Sugardaddy vs. Elephant Man - Pon Di River (soundclash special)

22. Sugardaddy vs. Busta Rhymes - Woo-hah! (soundclash special)

23. UFO & Yepha - Højere, Hurtigere, Dybere, Bredere (DJ JSL Remix)

24. Sugardaddy - Dead Tonight (soundclash special)

25. Suspekt - Klabauter Fætter (soundclash special)